44-love-dogScale2Why use a housecall veterinarian?


Some pets become extremely distressed from a car ride or spending time in the waiting room of a busy veterinary hospital. Some pets are difficult to move due to size or illness, and for some owners, busy schedules make office visits a challenge. Senior citizens and multi-pet owners can also benefit from a housecall service.

What should I expect from a visit by At Home Vet Care?
When Dr. Cutler arrives at your home she will bring a veterinary assistant, a scale, all the necessary items to perform a full physical exam, and any diagnostic aids. After reviewing information about your petʼs lifestyle and any of your concerns, she will perform an exam and then discuss recommendations. Most blood and urine tests can be performed during this time. A printed summary of the visit, with an invoice, will be provided. Dr. Cutler is happy to discuss or forward any medical information to other veterinarians, including specialists if necessary.

What is the best way to get in touch with Dr. Cutler?
Call 914-301-5250 to speak directly with Dr. Cutler or to leave a message. Callbacks will be made as soon as possible for urgent concerns of At Home Vet Care clientele.
Use athomevetcare@gmail.com to email Dr. Cutler with followup questions regarding a pet she has examined, or with questions about medications or appointments.
Phone calls made to Dr. Cutler between 9 pm and 7 am will go to voicemail. For after-hours emergencies, please see the emergency section below.

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What if my pet needs an Xray or surgery?
In some cases, Dr. Cutler can transport your pet directly to Somers Animal Hospital and do the Xray herself. Depending on the schedule and situation, she may recommend that you transport your animal. Surgical and dental procedures can be performed by Dr. Cutler at Somers Animal Hospital or can be referred to another veterinarian there or at another facility of your choosing.

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